Database management system is the best part for any data services and solutions

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Maven Comprehensive Data Management System is a feature rich Data Management Solution, which mines, research, analyze and then present sales & marketing data in a form, which can be put to use immediately and which also ensures high ROI on marketing / operational costs.

Company has invested over Rs. 25, 00,000/- (Twenty Five Lakh Rupees) in developing MCDM to properly process & synchronize data, using a high end server.

Maven understands the importance of Data & Potential Lead; and so would be any company who wishes to thrive in this highly competing market. Hence, we have left no stone unturned to create a system which will understand and store your requirement and present them to you in the most useful and analyzed format, so that you can have best conversions in sales.

Maven Comprehensive Data Management System is a complete database management system (warehousing cum mining tool) that streamlines the entire process of business lead generation, filtration and disposition. It mines the data to help the user in getting access to the right set of data based on different set of preferences. One of the most important features associated with MCDN would be the data mining feature, which filters data according to the need and specification of the concerned user. This product data management tool has been developed with a significant monetary investment.

Data mining helps in running key business processes especially those where data optimization is absolutely vital to target the right customer base. Raw customer data is not segregated on the basis of geography, demography, gender, region, location and orientation. MCDN does it by filtering stored data to give the data sets that pertain to a particular set of preferences. The entire process of data mining goes through in a schematic manner:

The panel level process of data storage, warehousing and mining