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Corporate Payment Solution
With a successful convention and growth accomplished, Maven Group is boot strapped to expand its services to the booming E-Commerce industry, with the proposed launch of "Sign Payments".

This would be a specialized product for corporates only, which would rejuvenate and re-originate the payment processing process, to alleviate and reduce potential business risks associated and stimulate growth.

Sign Payment is a very reliable e-commerce application service that authorizes and secures credit card payments for online businesses and online retailers/customers. It is analogous to a point of sale machine that conducts the transaction, using a secured network and authorization from the owner of the card.

Sign Payment secures the transaction by encrypting sensitive card related information such as credit card number, customer info, expiry dates. This e payment system is one of the best online payment platforms. As a retailer or a customer, you would be getting secured payment options from this payment processing partner.

E-commerce allows customers to pay online. Well, this is one of the major gifts of rapidly developing internet technology.

The current and competitive E-Commerce market demands:

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