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About The Company

MGC houses in a highly luxurious 7 Star Corporate Complex in the entire Eastern India, rated by CRISIL.

Two offices in Kolkata; first one a 1000 sq. ft. office situated at 203 Lake town, Block - A, Kolkata - 89 and Second one is a big office of 10,500 sq. ft. situated at 4A, 2nd floor, ECO Space, Rajarhat, Action Area- II, kolkata-196.

Company has invested over Rs. 50, 00,000/- (Fifty Lakh Rupees) in developing a completely customized ERP (Known as "CBB") for itself. This is designed to cater to Maven's day to day operational needs (including HR, Office Admin, Operation, Sales, Surveillance, Quality, Supervision, etc.). MGC is successful in creating such a robust ERP System, that many of its market allies, wishes to adapt this technology in their organizations too and wish to pay a very high price for the solution. This has encouraged MCG to officially launch this product in the market and put it against market leaders like SAP and Microsoft to give them a very tough competition. MGC is very confident on its ERP Solution, as when compared with products of SAP & Microsoft, for an apple to apple comparison, CBB stood out way ahead for its easy to use GUI and incomparable features, which were not even thought by these market leaders till date.

Company has also invested over Rs. 25, 00,000/- (Twenty Five Lakh Rupees) in developing MCDM (Maven Comprehensive Data Management system) to properly process & synchronize data, using a high end server. Just like its ERP, Maven will launch this product too in the Data Market to grab a huge market share in the industry of Data Mining, Research & Analysis.

Company has invested immensely on its Technology & Infrastructure. We only use best & world leaders as our technology partners. All our servers are from IBM; Client PCs are from HCL; Switch & Routers from Cisco; etc.

Technology Consulting

Maven has its own Lead Generation Team, who work 24x7, ensuring umpteen data for Process Continuity and stability. We are not like other companies, who completely depend on Lead Vendors for their data procurement, hence making those organizations ultra prone to security breach.

Maven holds a very elite pool of Technicians, Engineers and Support Staff. This is one of the most basic requirements for operating a stable and a growing organization. Talent and efficiency of these people can be marked by knowing that CBB (Maven's own ERP system), MCDM, Remote Support Software, Help Desk and now, even the Predictive Dialer, used for making and receiving bulk calls, is been designed and developed by our own Technical Team. Contrary to modern day practice where most of the competing organizations are still depending on a third Party software company, for these support software's.

MGC has a current turnover of over 100 Million Indian Rupees.

MGC aims to have a strength of 1500 employees working from its Indian Office at ECO Space, where we have already housed 500 stable employees by now and some from UK.

Over the years, MCG have also come up with some of its own "Direct to Consumers & Corporates Products" like: