Corporate Responsibility

corporate responsibility, it services provider

Corporate Social Responsibility is a focal point in Maven Infotech′s constant endeavour for betterment. The company has risen to the need to patch up the financial efficiency, respect for shareholders, environmental protection, environmental awareness and protection for the customers.

Maven Infotech′s CSR initiatives have to be followed by each employee and translate the same into deliverable actions. Maven Infotech has built its CSR based on a static model which has been dedicatedly designed to create an environment of prosperity for the customers and the company as a whole.

The Importance of Employees in Our Organization

Maven Infotech′s employees comprise the core players engaged in incorporating the company′s CSR, and carry it forward through their efforts in ensuring continuing excellence in the deliverables.

Maven Infotech′s Position

Since, employees comprise the base of the Group′s CSR platform, they are the best ambassadors to carry it forward and implement it further. The engagement of each employee has been done in a very productive manner that would ensure the growth of talent along with growth of the employees. As we grow, the growth of the employees is equally important since they are responsible for the present state of the organization.

The effective CSR engagement model revolves around five engagements

Educate all employees to implement CSR in the best possible way

During the last internal audit on the same subject, it was found that more than 97 percent of the employees were actually aware of the CSR. Of the total employees around 92 percent felt that they were actually playing a major role to the development of the organization by following the CSR and implementing the same in action.

Engage the employees in the complete CSR Process

Maven Infotech follows a twofold plan of action that aims at keeping the growth curve of the company and its employees within the same equations.

Maven Infotech encourages the contribution of the employees towards the implementation of the CSR.

Secondly, the group aims to encourage entrepreneurial spirit to enable change and innovation at work that would contribute in the best possible way to the development of the organization. This can only be implemented with the exchange of meaningful ideas to and fro the organization.

Promote Diversity to encourage its potential to enrich the enterprise on the whole

Maven Infotech considers diversity as a key component to the very development and enrichment of an organization. Diversity and differences are very competent tools to help the organization to develop to a level that would be able to cater to international standards of excellence and create a benchmark in the industry.

It undertakes various actions to meet such expectations in meeting the CSR, and establish an excellent corporate profile that would be highly respected as one that upholds its mission and vision through its actions.

Expect the Leaders in the organization to lead by example

Maven Infotech has built a leadership that has the capacity to lead by example and create benchmark of excellence which can be followed by others. At Maven Infotech, our managerial team sets examples for their subordinates through continuous dedication towards their work and implementing perfection at every level of client servicing.