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Computer Maintenance & Repair Work

Nowadays computer problems are something which arise unannounced out of nowhere.Moreover,they occur the most when you need your computer the most.Hence it is of utmost importance in the present business scenario that these technical problems do not effect the smooth running of work.Maven InfoTech specializes in providing remote computer support.'Remote Computer Support' is a term given to a comprehensive array of solutions for computer software and a few basic hardware is gaining a wide exposure among regular computer and internet users and the most important reason for this is that it is very cost efficient in keeping your computer in working condition.Another upcoming advantage of such services is that customers get rapid response which exactly opposite to the traditional way of getting a PC repaired.Everything is available as well as done online at the convenience of your premises. Our USP is the ready availability of our engineers to address your needs in the oddest of hours.We instantly connect to your system and make it problem free in as less as 15 minutes.

  • MS Office Repair & Installation
  • Operating System Repair & Installation
  • MP3, Ipods, Multimedia, Camera, etc
  • Printers & Scanners Configuration
  • Firewall configuration
  • Diagnosing PC Problems
  • Data Backup
  • Compression Software
  • PC Speed Up
  • Email Problems
  • Wi-Fi / LAN Network Support
  • Parental Control Configuration
  • Virus Problems

    Online Repair World, Urgentechelp, Ifixyrpc  are the three branches of the remote computer services provided by Maven InfoTech. The demand for computer maintenance and repair is growing every second. There are industries which operate 24X7.Thus we understand the requirement to have the computers in perfect condition and we strive to provide you with premium computer engineers and technicians who can fix your computer problems realy fast and that too at a very low cost.