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Back Office Job

The term 'Back office' is generally used to consider to the technology, services and human resources which are required to manage a company. It includes departments like IT, human resources and accounting. Back office work is supported by various corporate systems which manage inventory, suppliers and order processing. It is the binding force which makes the business move forward as a compact unit. Back office work is a time consuming and tiring work which no one wants to do and outwardly it may seem that back office is not an important part of an organisation but the reality is that it becomes impossible for a business to prosper without it. Back offices may be somewhere other than the headquarters of a company. Back office functions can be outsourced to consultants and contractors in any country. It helps reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies.

Maven InfoTech, having a deep industry based knowledge, provides excellent corporate services which caters to the needs of its clients. We are driven forward by a combination of highly trained workforce, state-of-the-art technology, deep domain knowledge, and proven business practises. This helps our clients to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries thereby maximizing their customers’ lifetime value. We provide value driven solutions to our clients which helps in increasing revenue from customers, reducing cost of doing business and minimizing revenue loss due to fraudulent practices.

Maven InfoTech always maintains the secrecy about its customer identity and financial details. Special care is taken for that by constant video survellance and no employees are given any access to removable media devices, printers or USB ports. Special training is given to the employees here so that they become familiar to the working pattern. Apart from this we give this facilty to our clients that they can check the progress of the work at any point of time.